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15 Best Live & Fake Plants For Betta Fish Tank Reviewed

Plants make a great addition to any Betta fish tank.

With fresh green leaves in an aquarium, your tank will take on a natural atmosphere. This creates the perfect setting for Bettas.

In this buying guide, we will go over both live and fake plants. This way you can find the best plants for Betta fish tanks.

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Best Live & Fake Plants For Betta Fish Tank

With so many plants out there on the market, it can be hard to find the right plant for a Betta.

In this part of the article, we will go over some of the best plants for your Betta fish. We will cover both live and fake plants to give you a range of possibilities.

By the end of this, you should have no doubts about your decision. We want to make this choice easy and simple for you.

So read on to discover a tank plant for your Betta.

Best Live Plants for Betta Fish Tank Reviewed

betta in front of plant in aquarium

1. Java Fern

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Java Fern are the easiest plants to care for on this list. We highly recommend these plants for people new to tank plants. You won’t need to add soil or fertilizer to this product.

It is a low maintenance plant that does great in freshwater. This plant can acclimate to several environments. So you won’t have any trouble adjusting tank settings. Java Ferns prefer low-level lighting and grow in lower temperatures up to moderate temperatures.

Overall, they will be well suited to the water conditions needed for a Betta.

Java Ferns have large short leaves that will give your Betta plenty of room to hide and swim through. They grow at a slower pace but with enough time, they will create a lush habitat for Betta.

If you don’t want your tank overrun by this plant make sure to trim it and get rid of floating leaves. The leftover foliage could turn into a new Java Fern. Another important thing to keep in mind is planting.

When you plant the Java don’t bury the roots in too deep. This could inhibit growth. As another option, you could let the plant free float in the tank if you like this look for the Java.

Overall, this convenient plant will satisfy you and your Betta. It has plenty of benefits that make it one of the best live plants for Betta fish tanks.

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2. Java Moss

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Java Moss carries many of the same traits as Java Fern. They are simple to care for, have the same adaptable features as the Fern, and like less light.

However, they don’t make a great hiding spot for your fish. Your fish can still roam through this plant. But the moss provides less coverage than the Fern. In the meantime though, your tank will look great. Java Moss is one of the most popular plants for fish owners.

These plants are stylish and aren’t hard to grow. The moss will cover the entire floor of your tank in no time. They grow fast to create a beautiful visual for aquariums.

On the whole, they are a great addition to your tank’s ecosystem.

The Java Moss will help your tank water reach a higher quality. Java Moss is known to oxygenate water efficiently. With this plant, your fish will breathe better and feel healthier.

To get these effects, give your Java time to acclimate to your tank. Put it in before your fish enters the water. When you do plant your Java Moss attach it to some wood. Alternatively, you can let the plant float.

It does not need any gravel or soil to grow properly. You won’t have to do much with this plant. But you will want to make sure to trim it. Java moss grows thick quickly.

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3. Hornwort

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For individuals without planting experience, the Hornwort is another option to consider. The Hornwort has long rich green leaves and can be planted in several ways. You can leave it in a substrate or let it float in the water. The choice will depend on your preferences.

Hornworts are easy to take care of but require more work than the Java plants. They grow faster than both of the previous plants and leave behind a lot of plant material. If you don’t like a lot of clean up, this plant may not be for you.

The leaves that fall from the Hornwort have to be maintained. Otherwise, the plant will overtake your tank.

If you want your plant to be full and lush, give your Hornwort moderate amounts of light. Prune this plant often an be on the lookout for debris. Fertilizer can be added but are not necessary.

The Hornwort grows tall with a good level of care but can be kept at a smaller size. Some Horworts reach heights of two feet tall. With this plant, your fish will have plenty of room to hide away and rest in at this length.

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4. Anacharis

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If you want a tank with crystal clear water, the Anacharis might be the plant for you. The Anacharis grows rapidly and sucks up ammonia and other fish waste easily.

The growth of these leaves promotes oxygenation in the water and inhibits algae growth. Special chemicals are released by the plant to stop algae from proliferating.

Really, the oxygenation and the filtering functions of this fauna will help keep your Betta healthy and thriving.

In terms of growing conditions, the Anacharis prefers lower temperatures but does well in warmer waters as well. It can be put in the same water conditions as your fish but might need extra fertilizer. Other than this, your plants won’t have many needs.

The Anacharis likes low levels of light the best. It can handle any level of light. You won’t have to put in much effort to make this plant flourish. It grows fast and creates a forested look in aquariums. This makes for great plant coverage for Bettas.

When planting your Anacharis, you can either anchor your plant or let it float. With the amount of foliage this plant produces, it might be better to anchor your plant. But this is up to you. Rocks or driftwood can keep your plant grounded, or you could let the plant float freely in your water. Either way, this plant will look beautiful in your Betta tank.

The look combined with the healthy properties of this plant makes it one of the best live plants for Betta fish tanks!

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5. Anubias

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Larger Betta tanks will benefit from this next plant. The Anubias is made up of long hardy leaves that are sure to fill up a tank. Both the width and height of this plant reaches twelve inches. With these dimensions, your Betta will have plenty of shade and a spot for relaxation.

The plant is not hard to maintain by any means. It requires moderate amounts of light to survive. But the more light you give this plant the bigger it can grow.

The Anubias grows at a steady rate but won’t overrun your aquarium. You can trim this plant now and then, but this isn’t something you need to worry about too much.

The Anubias plant will have no issues adapting to any Betta tank. They grow well in all kinds of water conditions. Whether the water is colder or warmer, your plant will be okay. Just make sure you plant your Anubias correctly.

Driftwood should be used to root your plant, but gravel can be used as well. This plant should not be rooted deeply, just enough so it won’t drift away. You want to be careful of this otherwise your plant could die.

Anubias can be left as a floating plant but it does better rooted down. It doesn’t need fertilizer, but if you want a bigger plant you can add a CO2 fertilizer mix to your tank.

Because of the texture of these leaves, sometimes algae can grow on them.

If you want, you can add in some Anacharis in your tank to offset the algae growth. Your tank will look nice with a mix of plants.

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6. Amazon Sword

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The Amazon Sword is a go-to plant for many Betta fish owners. The Amazon is easy to maintain and grows hardy and strong in any number of water conditions.

Whatever climate your Betta needs, the Amazon will adapt to it.

The only requirement this plant has is strong lighting. The more light the better. You should also buy fertilizer and a substrate to properly plant your Amazon. Bury the roots of these plants deeply for the best results.

And if you do get a fertilizer, a CO2 base with iron would be good.

The leaves of the Amazon are long and can reach anywhere from twelve inches to twenty-four inches. To make sure your plant has plenty of space, put it in a larger tank.

This is a plant meant for big Betta tanks. Still, if you want this sword-shaped fauna in your small aquarium it isn’t impossible. You’ll just have to trim your plant often in a smaller tank. Overall this is a sturdy plant that does great in Betta tanks.

Your Betta will have room to hide and swim around this plant. You will also have a nice centerpiece in your tank. We consider this to be a contender for the best live plants for Betta fish tanks.

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7. Dwarf Hairgrass

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Dwarf Hairgrass is a soft grasslike plant that will cover the bottom of a Betta tank. You can add this plant in combination with other plants on this list for the best look.

The addition of this plant creates a completely natural environment for Betta. Decorations and other fish accessories will be accentuated by this plant.

The Dwarf Hairgrass won’t be hard to maintain and will grow easily in your aquarium. This plant like warms waters that are around seventy degrees and eighty-three degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the plant a perfect match for your Betta tank.

To give this plant the best care, you will need to give it nutritious fertilizer to grow in. Place it on a substrate and let it root firmly into your aquarium.

And give the Dwarf Hairgrass moderate amounts of light. It doesn’t act as a great shelter for a betta, but it will add extra filtration and oxygenation to a tank.

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8. Marimo Moss Ball

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Marimo Moss Balls are a must-have in Betta tanks. Betta fish will love these fun fish accessories. They are also one of the easiest live plants you can keep in a tank. While they aren’t made of actual moss, they have very few requirements.

The balls are a collection of good algae. With clean water and water temperatures around seventy degrees, your moss ball can last for years. Your fish gets all the benefits found in other live plants without the hassle. Betta fish enjoy napping on the surface of these round balls.

The moss is also great for toxin absorption and oxygen filtering.

Set up of the Moss Balls is as simple as it gets. You put the balls into the tank and let them sink to the bottom. Water flow should be kept at a lower level to maintain the shape of the balls.

Overall, they create a fun and unique look to your Bettas tanks! Because of their convenience and many benefits, we highly recommend this product to new Betta owners. They work especially well in smaller aquariums. They come in packs of six and won’t break the bank.

This is a cost-effective item that is one of the best live plants for Betta fish tanks. You won’t need to purchase anything to grow these, or maintain them!

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9. Amazon Frogbit

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The Amazon Frogbit floats at the top of your Betta fish tank. It creates a great shaded area for your Betta. This is another great plant for your fish to hide in and take cover.

The Frogbit has thick roots that your fish can swim though as well. The Frogbit has an unusual appearance that sets it apart from the other plants on this list. If you are looking for a plant with flair try the Frogbit out.

Also setting this plant apart is another crucial function. The Frogbit is a great plant for Betta breeding. The winding roots will help protect baby fish and fish egg nests. If you are interested in breeding fish consider this plant.

In terms of care, this floating plant grows fast with a little maintenance. You will have to keep up with the rapid proliferation of the Frogbit. Make sure to trim your plant often and clean up any droppings.

Like your Betta, Frogbit like warm water so make sure to provide this. You won’t need a substrate of fertilizer since your plant floats. They do need a lot of light to thrive well though. Three hours of intense light each day is good for your Frogbit.

Keep the leaves of the plant dry. And trim the plant when it grows too much. You don’t want the plant to overtake the entire surface of the water. Your fish needs to get some light too. Other than that you won’t have to do much with this plant.

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10. Water Wisteria

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Water Wisteria are the last of the live plants we will introduce to you in this buying guide. Most fish owners find that the Wisteria is easy to take care of.

Water Wisteria can live in low-level light but prefer moderate level lighting. Like many of the other plants on this list, the Wisteria can handle serval types of climates and water conditions. However, the Wisteria will grow the best in warm tropical climates, similar to your Betta.

Wisteria can be put in gravel and other substrates. But it might be good to pot this plant for optimal growth. This will help root the plant in the way it needs. Add fertilizer if you can spend the extra money. This will make the delicate leaves of this plant look healthy and beautiful.

Water Wisteria has different visuals than most of the other aquatic plants we have mentioned. If you are looking for a plant that looks a little different, try out the Wisteria. Additionally, if you are looking for a way to fill up your tank, this plant will fit the bill. It can grow up to almost two feet tall and a foot wide.

If you give this plant plenty of light you will have an aquarium full of Wisteria. If you just want a small centerpiece, this can be achieved as well. Just make sure to trim your plants often and it will stay at a manageable size.

Your Betta fish will love roaming through the leaves of this plant, and your tank will look lovely.

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Best Fake Plants for Betta Fish Tank Reviewed:

1. Zoo Med Leaf Hammock

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The Zoo Med Hammock is a great option for pet owners in need of something low maintenance.

This product provides your Betta with an optimal rest area without the work of live plants.

All you have to do is suction the leaf near the top of your tank and you’re finished! The good thing about this product is that it looks like an actual leaf. So it will fit in with any tank decor and not disturb your fish. They should take a liking to the Zoo Med easily.

The Leaf Hammock is specifically designed with Bettas in mind. Many Bettas owners purchase this accessory for their fish. You won’t have to worry about your fish’s safety with this product.

The materials are up to standard. They are soft and have no sharp edges for your fish to get injured on. And the design of the hammock will entice your fish.

You won’t get all the benefits of a live plant but your Betta will have a place to relax.

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2. Betta Red Anubias

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The next fake plant product on the list is a Fake Anubias. These synthetic plants look natural and creates a nice decor in your aquarium.

The plant has fake plastic roots and they are attached to a rock. The rock helps keep the fake Anubias in place. With the attention to detail on the leaves, they almost appear lifelike. They aren’t of course. The leaves are made from soft plastic, so they don’t have any hard edges.

Your fish should be safe with this product as it is designed for Bettas.

On the whole, this is another cheap option for Betta owners. You will have the looks of a real plant without the care and time needed to take care of actual plants. Bettas will also enjoy resting in the shade of these fake plants.

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3. Marina Ecoscaper

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The Marina Ecoscaper is a silk-based plant that is great for your Betta Fish. The Marina is eight inches tall and does well in small to medium-sized tanks. The leaves have a transparent green hue, and the color won’t smudge off easily from the product.

The plant looks real but is made from soft silk material. It won’t cut at your fish if your Betta decides to swim or hide in the leaves. A network of fake roots and stems make up this product so the item looks complete in your tank.

It is also fairly easy to place the Marina in an Aquarium. The only real problem with this product is the lack of weight in the base. The plant doesn’t fully stay still in your tank. So you might need to turn your water current down for it or weight it down with some rocks. Other than this, the Marina has no maintenance. Just wash it a little and place it in with your Betta.

This is a cheap and effective product that looks like a live plant!

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4. CNZ Aquarium Plant

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CNZ is a well-respected company that makes quality artificial plants. When you buy a CNZ plant you won’t be disappointed. The plants might not be alive, but they look like the real thing. They give you great value for a low cost. The leaves are crafted from plastic, and the whole structure is weighed down by ceramic. This product won’t float away in your tank, so you can put it anywhere you like.

You really can’t go wrong with the CNZ Aquarium Plant. It’s soft enough for your Betta and gives them a good space to swim.

These fake plants come in a ten-inch model and a thirteen-inch model. Choose the size that matches your tank specifications.

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5. QUIRMY Large Aquarium Plants

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The last plant on our list is the QUIRMY Aquarium Plants. These plastic plants are on the more expensive side. But they are sure to be worth your money. They have a great design and look the most realistic out of any of the fake plants we have listed.

The shape and size of this plant is ideal for Bettas. The leaves are arranged in a soft circular form. Your fish will have plenty of room to hide and sleep. The colors of this product are good as well. They look natural and real.

A bonus of the QUIRMY is the materials used. You won’t find any toxins or chemicals that can mess with your water or fish. For the price, the lack of maintenance, and the value in this product this is one of the best plants for Betta fish tanks.

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The Benefits of Plants For Your Betta Fish Tank

Plants recreate a native environment for the aquarium while meeting several important needs for Bettas.

In the wild, Betta fish are surrounded by live plants and like to take cover in their shade. With the right amount of foliage, your fish can have this in its tank.

You can create an ideal spot for your fish to rest and hide. Your tank will look great and your Betta will be happy to swim around and explore.

With these amenities, your fish experiences less stress and will live a longer life! When you get the best live plants for your betta fish tank the health benefits become even more pronounced.

Live plants have natural filtering properties. They help remove waste and toxins from your fish water. Live plants make aquariums look cleaner and eliminate toxic impurities. Live plants also provide your Betta with better oxygenation.

However, living plants are not suitable for all fish owners. Live plants are great for fish, but bring challenges for new fish owners.

Real vs. Fake Plants

betta in front of plant

When you are getting plants for your Betta fish tank, there are two categories to choose from. You have real plants and fake plants. Both types have their positives and negatives.

Which plant is right for you will depend on your skill level and experience.

Live plants have more benefits for your fish, but require a higher level of care.

Fake plants, on the other hand, require no maintenance. You rinse them in hot water, plant them in the tank and are done. For beginners, we recommend purchasing a fake plant.

Your fish will still have a place to relax, and you won’t be hassled with maintenance. You will also spend less money on fake plants. Live planting requires soil, nutrients, and light to survive. All of these supplies will cost extra. You won’t have to worry about any of this if you go with a synthetic plant.

Fake plants fit in perfectly with Betta fish tanks.

However, if you do choose to get a fake plant, try sticking to silk plants. Some plants made out of plastic can potentially injure your Betta. Silk is soft enough for your fish to swim through without worry. The leaves also move like live plants and look more natural as a result. Plastic isn’t always bad but it isn’t preferred by all fish owners.

Live Plants

If you do want to try out live plants, some plants are suited for beginners. Just be aware that it takes some work and extra steps.

This article is not meant to scare you off live plants. We just want you to be aware of the extra maintenance. It is worth the investment and time If you want the added benefits of natural plants for your Betta.

As we mentioned before your fish’s health will improve greatly with live plants. It can also be satisfying watching your plants grow and flourish in a tank.

There are tons of plants to choose from, with all kinds of looks and purposes. Both categories will offer you plenty of options. In a later section of this article, we will go over some of these options.

We will explain each plant in detail so you can find the best plants for Betta fish tanks.

Best Live Plants for Betta Fish: Quick Care Tips

If you purchase a live plant for the first time, keep a few things in mind.

Not all plants can be cared for in the same way. Each plant has its own needs and planting requirements. And depending on the plant, maintenance can be easier or harder. There are plenty of plants that beginners can purchase. Still, even if the care is easy you will want to know what your plant wants.

Some plants need high levels of light, and others require less. Fertilizer and substrate might also become necessary depending on the plant. Luckily for you, we have researched all of this.

In our buying guide, we will tell you what the best live plants for your betta fish tank need to thrive.

In terms of general tips, for any plant, we recommend regularly checking up on the leaves. Make sure there is no sign of rot or decay. This could indicate issues with your tank.

Also, make sure to trim the foliage of your plants and get rid of the trimmings. Also, your plants need to go in before your fish does. So make sure to prepare them ahead of time. These are just a few easy ways you can successfully create a planted Betta fish tank.

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When you’re choosing plants for Betta, you want to make sure you get the best live or fake plant for your Betta fish tank. With all the options and types of plants available, it can be hard to choose.

With our list, we helped narrow down this choice. We provided you with some of the top plants and products for Betta fish with our buying guide.

And with our added tips, we hope you find the plant that is right for you. Every Betta deserves the best plants for their tank!

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