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7 Best Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps in 2023

Air pumps are essential components of any aquarium because they help provide proper oxygen circulation in the water, which is something that all fish big and small require.

In the market for a quiet air pump for your aquarium?

Stick around as we’re about to shed light on our top picks for the best quiet air pump for aquariums on the market today.

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7 Best Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps Reviewed

1. Tetra Whisper Air Pump

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The Tetra Whisper aquarium air pump is one of the highest-rated units on the market primarily because of its remarkable construction which prevents it from producing a lot of vibrations or noise. The way the manufacturer managed to do this is by incorporating thick motor walls that absorb significant amounts of vibration and noise, preventing them from reaching the pump.

Tetra didn’t stop there, though. In order to make this unit even more silent, a rubber-suspended motor system was added, and rubber can be extremely helpful in minimizing vibrations. The unit doesn’t just shine when it comes to providing a quiet performance, it’s also a stand-out unit as far as providing proper aeration. It’s highly effective even in deep waters.

Aside from offering good oxygen circulation in your aquarium, the Tetra Whisper air pump helps improve the conditions of the water by simply providing adequate flow. Additionally, the pump releases underwater bubbles that add to the aquarium aesthetically, making it more appealing to the eye.

Expect a lot of bubbles as this is one of the most powerful aquarium air pumps.

For Aquariums ranging from 10 up to 100-gallon

The great thing about the Tetra Whisper air pump is that it’s available in a variety of models with different capacities, meaning that you’ll definitely find a model that meets your requirements. It’s available in 10-gallon, 20-40-gallon, 40-60-gallon, and 60-100-gallon models, making it a perfect quiet air pump for nano aquariums as well as larger tanks.

As you’re reading this article, you may have a specific budget in mind, and we’re happy to tell you that the Tetra Whisper is one of the most affordable units on the market. And even though it’s cheap, it provides a remarkable performance that rivals more expensive units.

So if you’re restricted by a tight budget and you seek good performance, the Tetra Whisper is your best bet.


  • A highly affordable air pump on any budget
  • One of the easiest units to set up and use
  • It provides a very powerful yet silent air flow
  • Offers models that can handle 10-100 gallons


  • Not the most durable aquarium air pump
  • It’s quiet but it’s not exactly whisper-quiet

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2. Tetra Whisper AP150 / AP300 for Deep Water

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Looking for a quiet aquarium air pump that can handle up to 150 gallons and a depth of 8 feet? The Tetra Whisper Air Pump for Deep Water Applications is your best bet.

Let’s face it, finding a powerful pump that can handle such depth without a source of some serious headaches is a bit of a challenge, but this unit breaks out of that mold by delivering a powerful yet quiet air flow.

The unit features multiple air stones that you can utilize in different places in your aquarium in order to deliver enough air in every corner of the tank. Keep in mind that this unit is designed for larger aquariums, so don’t make the mistake of buying it for your nano aquarium because it will send your fish flying out of it. It has the power to cause a strong air flow in an 8-foot tank.

For Aquariums ranging from 150 up to 300-gallon

Got an aquarium that’s larger than 150 gallons? The Tetra Whisper is also available in a model that can handle up to 300 gallons of water. This model can produce a powerful air flow as deep as 8 feet. Capacity aside, there’s another difference between the 150-gal and 300-gal models. The 150-gal unit has only one outlet, while the 300-gal unit offers two outlets.

Obviously, the 8.5″ L x 4.5″ W x 3.5″ H, 300-gal model is slightly bulkier than the 5.5″ L x 4″ W x 3″ H, 150-gal model. Both models, however, are equipped with rubber feet that allow them to absorb a lot of vibrations and noise, which maintains Tetra’s reputation for putting out some of the quietest air pumps on the market. Last but not least, both models are highly affordable.


  • An ideal air pump for larger aquariums
  • Both models can handle a depth of 8 feet
  • The rubber feet help absorb noise and vibrations


  • no cons

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3. Uniclife Air Pump UL40

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Versatility isn’t really a word you hear often in the aquarium air pumps department, but this is about to change with the Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump. This unit is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It houses a 4-watt motor that can produce a flow of 4 LPM and pressure of 0.016 MPa. This air pump is ideal for aquariums that range from 20 to 100 gallons.

Uniclife offers also a smaller model the “Uniclife Quiet 20 Air Pump” which is more suitable for nano tanks ranging from 3 to 10-gallons

The Uniclife pump features two outlets, allowing you to alter the flow rate to your liking. When functioning at its lowest rate, the Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump produces a sound of 25 decibels, which you can’t really hear unless you have your ears glued to the aquarium. Also, the unit is very compact and lightweight as it measures at 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds.

The unit doesn’t only provide a remarkable performance, but it’s also shipped with a wide range of accessories including two air stones, two return valves, two connectors, and a 2M airline. In addition, the Uniclife unit is backed by a 1-year warranty, which is a statement to how confident the manufacturer is in the product.

Has the ability to adjust the air flow

This is one of the easiest aquarium air pumps to set up and use. All you really need to do is cut the tubing into the length you need, attach the airline, place the unit on top of the aquarium’s bucket, and just plug it in. You shouldn’t worry about finding a close-by power source since the unit comes with a 6-foot power cord, which is pretty long compared to the cords that come with other units.

When we said that this unit is highly versatile, we meant it. With the Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump, you have the ability to adjust the amount of air coming out, which comes in handy if you have baby fish in your aquarium.

On the flip side, the unit can only be mounted on flat surfaces due to the lack of suction mechanism. Aside from that, this is a highly effective and durable air pump.


  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Lightweight, compact, and durable design
  • One of the most energy-efficient air pumps
  • Offers you the ability to adjust the air flow


  • Not the most powerful air pump out there
  • It can only be mounted on flat surfaces

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4. EcoPlus Series

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The EcoPlus  Air Pump is a powerhouse that can handle just about any aquarium you hand it. The unit is one of a kind because it helps produce and dissolve oxygen in the tank. This unit is slightly heavier and bulkier than most aquarium air pumps on the market as it weighs around 2.45 pounds and has a dimension of 7.2 x 3.8 x 4.5 inches.

EcoPlus Air Pumps feature a chrome air manifold that offers 4 to 6 outlets, The build quality of this air pump is nothing short of impressive. The pistons and cylinders used are built from high-quality materials, making this unit one of the most rugged and long-lasting aquarium air pumps on the market. Unfortunately, water pressure cannot be adjusted with this unit, which is its only major gripe.

Different models with flow rates ranging from 29 to 3566 GPH

This remarkably powerful air pump can be used in large aquariums, hydroponic systems, and fish farms. It’s available in a wide range of models that offer different flow rates ranging from 29 to 3566 GPH. So basically, no matter what size aquarium you have, you’re guaranteed to find an EcoPlus air pump that meets its requirements.

Not only is this unit extremely powerful and durable, but it’s also remarkably efficient because it produces very little noise despite all of that sheer power behind it.

In addition, it doesn’t require large amounts of oil to function properly. Keep in mind that this isn’t the air pump to buy if your tank is small. The amount of power behind this unit can send your small fish flying.


  • It’s one of the most powerful air pumps available
  • Available in various models for multiple applications
  • Incredibly sturdy construction and high build quality
  • Energy-efficient and it doesn’t heat up whatsoever
  • Contender for the best quiet aquarium air pump


  • You can’t adjust the water pressure on this unit
  • Not the most affordable air pump on the market

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5. Hygger Quiet High Output Aquarium Air Pump

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When in the market for a quiet aquarium air pump, you’re going to come across tons of products that claim to provide a powerful, whispery performance. However, most of these don’t live up to their claims.

Well, the Hygger Quiet High Output Air Pump isn’t one of these products. It makes use of magnetic bearings that help reduce vibrations and in turn limit the noise produced.

That’s not all when it comes to the unit’s ability to reduce noise. It’s equipped with a soundproof stainless steel case on the inside which enhances its sound-reducing abilities. Furthermore, the motor is surrounded by 4 rubber cases that help limit its noise as well.

Please note that this isn’t a waterproof air pump, so you should only mount it on flat surfaces outside of the aquarium.

For Aquariums ranging from 30 up to 600-gallon

The Hygger unit is perfect for fish tanks as small as 30 gallons and larger aquariums as big 600 gallons. A single Hygger air pump can work for multiple fish tanks, but you need to keep in mind that this isn’t an ideal air pump to use in nano aquariums as it’s too powerful.

We absolutely love how small the pump is compared to the amount of air it can pump per minute. Truly impressive.

The air pump features 2 air outlets that are compatible with 4mm air tubes. It provides a great flow rate of 250 GPH, which equates to 16 liters per minute. The pressure is also sufficient at 0.04 MPa. Sadly, however, you cannot adjust the air flow of this pump. In terms of durability, the unit doesn’t fail to impress and it’s one of the most durable air pumps on our list.

To make this an even more attractive deal, the manufacturer has included a convenient 1-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can try it out and see if it meets your requirements or not.

If it fails to impress you, you can simply return within a 30-day period without any questions asked. Definitely a tempting deal.


  • Features a lightweight and compact construction
  • Arguably the quietest air pump on the market
  • A 1-year warranty a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can handle aquariums ranging from 30-600 gallons
  • Durable construction that can handle serious knocks


  • This isn’t a waterproof pump that can be immersed
  • The flow of either one of the outlets can’t be adjusted

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6. Hygger 1.5-Watt Quiet Mini Aquarium Air Pump

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Assuming you have a nano aquarium, most of the above-mentioned units are going to be too powerful to use, which is why we’ve included the Hyger Quiet Mini Aquarium Air Pump.

This unit is ideal for smaller fish tanks that range between 1 to 15 gallons.

It ensures a safe environment for your fish by providing a great amount of oxygen without creating turbulence in the water.

The unit appears to be driven by a piezoelectric ceramic plate that’s pretty thin, meaning that there’s no motor involved. As a result, no noise produced from motor operation can be heard.

And being such a compact unit that only has to handle up to 15 gallons, the Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump boasts a much longer service life than the rest of the competition.

One of the best looking Aquarium Air Pumps

Additionally, it’s small size makes it a lightweight unit that’s easy to carry. Further, it’s very easy to install and use. One thing we really admire about this unit is its sleek design. Adding this air pump to your fish tank will improve its aesthetics and make it even more appealing to the eye. Definitely one of the best-looking aquarium air pumps on the market.

The Hygger unit comes with a few convenient accessories including a fairly long air tube, power adapter, a double-sided sucker, a 0.9-inch air stone, and a comprehensive user manual that’s easy to understand in case you’re having trouble installing the unit. The unit has dimensions of 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches and it weighs around 6.4 ounces.

Another great thing about the Hygger Quiet Mini Aquarium Air Pump is that it produces plenty of bubbles that will help keep your fish entertained and make your aquarium look more appealing. Further, it’s one of the most affordable air pumps on the market.

Lastly, it’s backed by a sweet, 1-year warranty that ensures customer satisfaction. Highly recommended!


  • A perfect air pump tanks between 1 and 15 gallons
  • Boasts an extremely compact and lightweight design
  • The package features all the necessary accessories
  • The most affordable aquarium air pump on our list


  • You cannot adjust the air flow produced by this unit
  • Only suited for Nano Aquariums

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7. Marine Metal Aerator (Battery-Operated)

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We wouldn’t really consider the Marine Metal Aerator Aquarium Air Pump a main air pump. We actually look at it as a back-up air pump that’s good to have around in case of emergencies or power outages. The reason why we don’t view it as a main air pump is because it runs on 2 D-cell batteries that can be quite costly to replace every time it runs out of juice.

The unit weighs around 9.6 ounces and it measures at 3.3 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches. This air pump comes with an air stone and 24-inch tubing, which makes it an ideal portable air pump for fish in transit.

As much as we like this unit, there are a few drawbacks that we’re not quite fond of. The first one being the battery setup. In order for this unit to run, you need to have 2 D-cell batteries in parallel.

The problem with this setup is that one of the two cells will discharge the other quickly, and doing battery changes every now and then isn’t very convenient.

Great back-up Air Pump

Another gripe that this unit suffers from is noise. Don’t get us wrong, the unit is relatively quiet compared to a lot of other air pumps on the market, but when compared to the rest of the units on this list, it appears to be the noisiest of the bunch.

Overall, it’s a great air pump to have as a back-up just in case your main pump is damaged or if there’s a power outage.


  • The unit can operate during power outages
  • Features a small and compact construction
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories


  • Its performance isn’t as quiet as its competition

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Air Pump Accessories

Most aquarium air pumps on the market are accompanied with their own accessories. However, some of these accessories may be hard to fit into your aquarium.

There are also other units that don’t come with accessories whatsoever. If this is the case, you may want to consider one of the following air pump accessory kits.

Pawfly Airline Tubing Standard Air Pump Accessories

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This set of aquarium accessories from Pawfly includes a 13-foot airline tubing that’s extremely flexible, durable, and kink-resistant. In addition, the tubing is toxic-free so it won’t affect your fish in a negative way.

The package also comes with a 1.2-inch air bubbler that’s ideal for fish tanks, aquariums, and hydroponics. Further, there 6 soft suction cups included that are easy to install.

The set comes with 2 non-return check valves that are made of durable plastic. These valves help keep your air pump safe from back-siphoning water in the event of a power outage. Lastly, it features 2 sets of straight and T connectors. You can use the T connectors to split the pump’s input for the filter or a second air stone.

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Penn Plax Aquarium Decoration With Moving Treasure Chest

[amazon box=”B004PBA6LS”]

Looking for a cool way to decorate your aquarium and make it more appealing? Penn Plax offers a wide range of aquarium ornaments that you can use for decoration.

Our favorite is the treasure diver anchored to the underwater treasure. The whole thing is made of durable plastic that’s completely safe and won’t harm your aquarium buddies in any way.

Keep in mind that this ornament requires a 3/16-inch tubing which sadly isn’t included. Further, the manufacturer recommends having a pressure control valve. The chest opens and closes to reveal an interior full of jewels while producing an enormous number of bubbles, filling the tank with oxygen that the fish require. Further, the ornament is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Video: “Aquarium Air-operated Decoration 0-65 Treasure Diver”

If you’re fond of aquarium ornaments, you should also check out the Penn Plax Aerating Action Ornament Skeleton at The Wheel and the Aerating Action Ornament Diver with Hose.

They’re also two of our favorites and they pretty much share the same requirements and build quality of the rest of the ornaments provided by Penn Plax.

Selecting the Right Air Pump for Your Aquarium

In order to ensure the best bang for your buck, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration before heading out to buy a new air pump for your aquarium.

Power Source

There are two types of aquarium air pumps on the market as far as powering: electrical units and battery-powered units. It’s important to consider which one you prefer.

For the most part, electrical units are a lot more convenient than battery-powered models because they don’t require battery changes every couple of months and they’re generally more powerful.

On the other hand, battery-powered models tend to be a lot more portable than electrical units and they can become extremely useful during power outages. We highly recommend going with an electrical air pump as your main pump and investing in a battery-powered model as your back-up pump in case your primary pump got damaged or in the event of a power outage.

Noise Level

Air pumps are extremely helpful when it comes to keeping your aquarium buddies happy, but air pumps also have a reputation of being pretty noisy. The noise level of an aquarium air pump is a crucial factor to consider, especially if you have your fish tank in places that you’d like to be free of noise such as your bedroom or living room.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a noiseless air pump. All aquarium air pumps produce noise.

However, there are air pumps that utilize means of minimizing the noise such as magnetic pairings and soundproof cases. Lucky for you, most of the above-mentioned air pumps utilize these means or others similar to them to provide you with quiet performance.

Video: “Noisy Aquarium Air Pump FIX !!”

If you’re fond of a specific air pump that meets your performance requirements but fails to be as quiet as you want, you can invest in soundproofing boxes or build ones at home. Such boxes help reduce the buzzing sound produced by the unit to keep your environment undisturbed. You can also invest in multiple, small, quiet air pumps instead of a huge, noisy one.

Aquarium Size

The effectiveness of an air pump is dictated by the size of your aquarium.

Obviously, the bigger the aquarium, the bigger and more powerful the air pump needs to be. Luckily, most products on the market provide information about the ideal tank size that they’re designed for. For instance, if you have a 30-gallon aquarium, you have to invest in a pump that can handle up to 40 gallons.

A lot of manufacturers now provide more than just one model of a certain air pump. You can find the same air pump available in multiple models that can handle multiple tank sizes.

Bottom line is that you need to carefully inspect the product before you buy it and figure out whether it has the ability to support the size of your tank or not.

Aquarium Depth

The majority of aquarium pumps on the market are built for use on shallow aquariums, which means that if you have a pretty deep aquarium, having a large air pump won’t suffice unless it’s designed for deepwater applications.

The reason why is because shallow-water units don’t have the ability to produce enough pressure to distribute the air across the entire depth of the tank.

But what exactly should one consider deep? Well, aquariums are considered deep when they have a depth of around 2 feet or more. It’s imperative that you measure the depth of your tank before heading out to buy a new air pump in order to get the most suitable product.

In general, the deeper the aquarium is the more powerful the air pump will need to be.

Air Outlets

The number of air outlets that a pump has governs the number of accessories that the air pump can power. Some air pumps offer only one outlet, while others offer 2 or more.

The great thing about having a pump that has multiple outlets is that you can use it to push air into more than a single fish tank. You may want to consider this option if you have multiple fish tanks.

Video: “How To: Setup an Air Pump and Air Stone in an Aquarium”

Topic Related Article

Best Airstone for Aquarium

While investing in a powerful pump that can aerate the multiple aquariums you have at your home sounds like a good deal, we wouldn’t really recommend it. Think about it, what’s going to happen if your air pump breaks down? All the fish in your aquarium will be put in jeopardy.

If you have multiple aquariums in your home, you want to invest in an air pump for each one.

Flow Rate

In order to know how powerful an air pump is, you need to look at its flow rate which is given in gallons per hour. If an air pump can deliver a high flow rate, it means that it’s housing a powerful motor.

Obviously, larger tanks require air pumps that can deliver faster flow rates to restore the oxygen level in the water in an appropriate period of time.

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Picking a winner out of the above-mentioned products isn’t really a simple task since they all have their own positives and negatives.

However, one air pump that stood out the most for us is the EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump due to its great power and remarkable energy-efficiency. Moreover, the unit is available in a wide range of models suitable for different applications.

Our runner-up would definitely be the Hygger Quiet High Output Aquarium Air Pump as it’s arguably the quietest aquarium air pump on our list. Not only that, but it’s also powerful enough to handle aquariums that range from 30 to 600 gallons as a single model. It’s simply impressive.

What do you think? Which one of the above-mentioned products do you think is the best quiet aquarium air pump?

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