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Fluval G6 vs Fluval FX6 Aquarium Filter Comparison

Filters are important for all types of aquariums. They help keep the tank water clean. Also, they eliminate toxins that may buildup in your aquarium and can be dangerous for your fishes.

There are many types of filters that you can choose from including under-gravel filters, HOB, and canister filters. Canister filters have become very popular as they are usually considered better than the other options available.

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What is a Canister Filter?

A canister filter is basically an external chamber that contains different filter media. These filters push tank water through itself using a combination of a rotor and gravity.

After the water is filtered in your canister’s media it is returned back to the aquarium through an outlet.

The direction of water flow is different in different brands and models of canister filters. It can be from top to bottom, bottom to top, outside in, center out, or back to front.

The canisters offer mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration depending on the type of media that is present in your canister filter.

Canister filters generally have in-built water pumps. They are usually built either into the base or into the cover. There also are some models that require you to use your own external water pumps.

Now, there are various types of canister filters that you can select from but the two most popular ones are Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System and Fluval Canister FX6 Filter. We shall learn about both of them in details and then I will offer a basic Fluval G6 vs Fluval FX6 comparison. This will help you understand which can prove to be the ideal one for you.

Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System Review

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Fluval G6 has become extremely popular with aquarists and not without reasons.

Has a decent capacity

Fluval G6 has 265 US gallons/hour filter circulation and 650 US gallons per hour pump output. The pump system of this canister filter has a 3 component drive mechanism that offers efficiency and reliability with almost no noise at all.

This canister filter has a dual drive coil that is automatically regulated. This is possible because of the Fluval G-microprocessors that regularly keep track of the performance and power usage.

Looks attractive

Fluval G6 is so sleek and attractive that you will never mind flaunting them. Like other external filters, G6 too has been created to sit beneath your aquarium. It comes with a monitor unit that is mounted on the lid.

Has a big filter chamber

The strong fiberglass filter chamber of G6 can withstand pressure up to 15PSI. It has space for up to three filter media baskets, which you will get along with the filter.

Since Fluval G6 supports various filter media, you can easily combine different types to make sure you enjoy the best filtration of your tank water.

Offers auto priming

G6 is an auto priming canister filter. You simply have to push its priming button twice or thrice and the pump will begin pumping water. At the same time, air will be drawn away from the filter.

Has an amazing monitoring system

G6 has an intelligent HydroTech monitoring system that gathers and stores real-time data of water parameters, filter performance, and also saves filter cleaning dates. On its LCD screen, you will be able to see highlights of data like water temperature, conductivity, and flow rate. Furthermore, it gives you a count of when you need to clean your biological, chemical, and mechanical media.

You can set your desired minimum and maximum level for conductivity and temperature. The unit will then automatically alert you if the levels move beyond the decided range.

It will give you alerts also when the impeller gets jammed, when air is found in your filter, and when the flow rate has gone way too low.

Unlike the other filters available, the Hydrotech Performance Monitor of Fluval G6 has a conductivity meter containing a titanium probe. It is said that this needs no calibration or cleaning and it automatically understands whether it is saltwater or freshwater. The readings are then changed accordingly.

It can take about 48 hours for proper calibration. But, it is intelligent enough to change the reading of the output considering your tank water. It is thus going to display conductivity if it is freshwater and salinity if it is a marine system.

This feature will not only help you decide what fish your water is suitable for but also if there is a problem with the water quality.

Maintaining it is easy

Using the G6 proprietary AquaStop system you will be able to stop water flow simply by closing a valve. Next, just pull up the release lever and you can then easily take apart the canister filter. You do not even need to remove the hosing.

Pros and Cons of Fluval G6

Let us now learn about some pros and cons of this canister filter.


  • It is an amazing option for midsized aquariums.
  • It offers easy and quick priming.
  • Its intelligent monitoring system offers aquarium and filter water data.
  • It supports various types of media.


  • The replacement parts are expensive.
  • The alarms are not loud enough.

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Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review

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The Fluval FX6 filter offers a lot in its small package.

Has a great capacity filter

The Fluval FX6 filter has become popular because it offers more than what can be expected. You can use it even for large aquariums that have as much as 400-gallon capacity.

It does not matter how many aquariums you use it for as it is capable to handle up to 924 gallons of water/hour. This great capacity helps make filtering a lot easier.

Though this model has a great capacity it is just 21 inches in height. You will thus easily be able to fit it under even really big fish tanks.

Is not noisy

Together with offering you a great service, the FX6 canister filter does its job quietly. Until you go really close to it you will not even realize it is working.

You will not even mind keeping it in your bedroom, as you will get to view your beautiful fishes whenever you want, without the set up ever disturbing your sleep.

Is continually monitored

To make sure the filter works properly always an electric circuit board has been installed in the filter that keeps monitoring its working conditions.

The pump will be able to detect if air gets built up in the system. It will then pause once in 12 hours to allow this trapped air to move out.

Has multi-directional nozzles

The manufacturer understands that the current filtration system produces plays an important role in keeping a tank clean.

Fluval FX6 has an adjustable output nozzle that shoots filtered water in various directions. The water thus gets agitated and the suspended wastes are broken down.

Thanks to the multi-directional output current, the broken down wastes remain in suspension. This makes sure they do not accumulate at the bottom of your tank but gets captured by the filtration system.

The aqua stop valves will make things easier

If you have to perform your regular canister filter or aquarium maintenance then the aqua stop valves of the filter will make things easier.

You can turn the valve lever and the water flow will stop. Now you can separate the hose, perform your maintenance task, and there will be no water leakage at all.

After completing your maintenance task, you need to turn the lever of the valve to its original position. Water will start flowing normally again.

Has a self-priming system

Usually, before the filtration begins, it can be tough to siphon the water into your canister. Manual siphoning is not easy, not for everyone at least. With Fluval FX6, things, however, will change.

This model has a self-priming system, designed to make things easier for you. This system will automatically start filling your filter with water before filtration can start. Make sure to give it about 2 minutes to begin the filtration itself.

Pros and Cons of Fluval FX6

Let us discover the pros and cons of Fluval FX6.


  • You can use it to filter big tanks up to 400 gallons capacity.
  • It gives you a maintenance reminder to ensure it always stays in proper working conditions.
  • Aqua valves make filter maintenance easier.
  • Its Smart Pump technology gets rid of air bubbles and offers great efficiency.


  • It can be a little bulky.
  • The foam inserts present in the filter baskets need to be replaced quite frequently.

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Fluval G6 vs Fluval FX6 – which is the better option?

Now that you have gone through the reviews of Fluval G6 and Fluval FX6 you have a fair understanding of both these canister filters. Let us now draw a basic Fluval G6 vs Fluval FX6 comparison so that making a decision becomes easy for you.

What are their similarities?

1Both of them hardly produce any sound.
2Both of them offer self-priming.
3Both have an efficient monitoring system.
4Both are fit for freshwater as well as marine tanks.

What makes them different?

1Fluval G6 can support up to 160-gallon aquarium whereas Fluval FX6 can support up to 400-gallon aquarium.
2Fluval G6 is ideal for midsized aquariums whereas Fluval FX6 is good enough for big aquariums.
3Fluval FX6 has aqua stop valves, something not present in Fluval G6.

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Now that you have read the Fluval G6 vs Fluval FX6 comparison you will better be able to judge which one is ideal for your requirements.

The differences in them are not too much. It will be best to go through their features properly and then decide on one.

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