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Angelfish And Gouramis – Friend Or Foe?

Angelfish and gouramis are two of the most popular, well-loved, and beautiful fish species to keep in aquariums. They're stunning in every way, and every fish lover who's ever had them loves them to bits. Angelfish have a unique body shape- they're unusually angular. In contrast, gouramis are ...

6 Best Substrates For Shrimp

You can put all kinds of aquatic pets into your tank. However, a pet shrimp is a great choice for your aquarium. They require less care than fish and take up less room in tanks. So, you can fill your water with many of these energetic pets. Still, you want to create the best environment for your ...

4 Best Driftwoods For Pleco Reviewed

Do you love numerous colors in your fish tank? If yes, then you would certainly be in love with Plecos. Isn't it the case? No doubt, Plecos bring a lot of colors to your fish tank, but they do require certain decorations as well. So, what to have in your tank for your Plecostomus? While ...

5 Best Glofish Tanks in 2021 Reviewed

There are many great and high-quality tank products out there for your aquatic pets. However, you want the best tanks when you pick out an aquarium for your home. The kind of tank required for your setup depends on the fish you have, though. For instance, if you have a Glofish, and want a ...

4 Best Cheap Refugium Lights Reviewed

Fish tank owners are generally aware of how important it is to filter out the tank's water. It is the main secret behind an efficient tank setup. Apart from the filters, a refugium helps make the filtration process more efficient than ever. However, the goal of a refugium is not only limited ...

3 Best Cheap Protein Skimmer For Reef Tank

What can be better than a clean and clear fish tank? Many people struggle to find an appropriate tool for proper cleaning of aquariums or fish tanks. If you are one of those as well, then we are here to provide you peace of mind. How so? Well, investing in a product that is capable of handling ...

5 Best Calcium Reactors For Reef Tank

Most tank owners will not know what a calcium reactor is. The word reactor could invoke a sense of confusion or even panic. Usually, the word reactor is often associated with nuclear reactors. However, calcium reactors are in no way linked to nuclear power and are perfectly safe for your tank ...

What Is A Canister Filter And How Does It Work?

The affection and love that many of us have for fish and fish tanks are real and cannot be described in words. However, such endearment does demand proper care as well. Keeping fish tanks might sound all fun and easy, but in actual, the upkeep of these aquariums requires much effort from the ...