8 Best Peacock Eel Tank Mates (With Pictures)

Peacock eels are not your typical tank fish. These pet fish have long slim bodies that are eel-like, hence their name peacock eel. They are also on the large side and have a unique but cool aesthetic. All in all, peacock eels are not difficult to care for as long as you have a big enough tank. ...

11 Best Yoyo Loach Tank Mates (With Pictures)

The Yoyo Loach is a lively and active type of fish from the rivers of India and Pakistan, with a silver body and black markings. Yoyo Loaches are social and therefore will need company, as they do not like to be on their own in their tank. It is best to have at least three to five other fish in ...

13 Best Kuhli Loach Tank Mates (With Pictures)

Although Kohli loach can be the tiniest addition to your aquarium, their interesting and unique appearance always makes up for it. Their slender body and calm nature can make them one of the favorite fishes to have in your aquarium and make sure they thrive with other compatible fishes. If ...

Canister Filter VS Sump – Which One To Choose?

Being a fish owner, you must be worried about getting a good quality filter for your tank. You are not alone in this. Getting a good filter is a task. There are endless products available for fish tank filtration, but getting the right one according to your tank is like climbing a mountain. ...

Can Pleco and Cichlids Live Together In A Tank?

There are many ways you can fill up your fish aquarium at home. Still, choosing the breed of fish you will put in your tank is an important decision. Really, as a tank owner, you want the best information on fish breeds and community tank setup. So in this post, I'll guide you and answer your ...

Bio Balls VS Lava Rock

The debate over bio balls vs. lava rock isn't new. Ever since the market started becoming saturated with different types of filter media, people have been confused about what they should choose. Any aqua-life enthusiast has been through this dilemma. If you're going through one too, don't ...

Sponge Filter VS Canister Filter

While setting up an aquarium at home, a lot of things require thought and research. When it comes to choosing an aquarium filter, everyone goes through the dilemma of sponge filter vs. canister filter. However, the decision can only be made when you know what both of these filters are, what ...

Can Guppies And Shrimp Live Together In A Tank?

Merging guppies and shrimp in a single tank can sound like a beautiful idea, and many want to do it. They are both beautiful aquatic pets. However, is it practical? Before you put two different kinds of aquatic species together, you must evaluate their compatibility. Make sure they have a ...

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