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How Long Can Guppies Go Without Food?

For all those who love to keep guppy as pets in the aquariums, there are occasions when they do not know how to care for their fish. For example, how would you ensure your guppies are well if you leave for a couple of weeks in their aquarium without anybody looking after and feeding them? ...

Betta and Pleco – Best Tank Mates?

When you are setting up your fish aquarium, you need to have the right combination of fish. Pet fish can seem harmless, however, certain breeds just do not get along with one another. This is especially true when you are finding tank mates for your betta fish. It is not that betta can't be in ...

Betta And Cory Catfish – Friend Or Foe?

Doesn't it sound like a good idea to invest in a new fish tank or aquarium for your house? Fish tanks can potentially prove as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. But, what about the fish types that you are going to have in it? Having multiple kinds of fish in the aquarium is ...

Guppies And Mollies – Best Tankmates?

Are you looking forward to set-up an aquarium? It's always exciting to get closer interaction with nature, isn't it? Fish aquariums or tanks offer you better exposure to the underwater life of these fascinating species. Having such things in your home will definitely be a soothing sight for your ...

9 Best Canister Filter For Turtle Tank In 2021

It can be a lot of fun keeping a turtle tank in your house. For one, turtles look cool and add a lot of visual appeal to any aquatic setup. Turtles are great pets for your home tank of course. But you want to consider their care needs before you fully commit to having a turtle tank. Pet ...

11 Best Plants for Turtle Tank

Turtles are very cute and non-fussy, and this makes them a desirable pet for most. However, this does not mean they do not require enough care. In fact, if you do not give them the attention that they need, they can fall sick and even die. Among the things that need to be added in their tank, ...

10 Best Plants For Aquaponics Fish Tank

Isn't it soothing to have natural greenery by your sight? A busy life requires such calming factors to put you at rest and bring you close to nature's beauty. Would you also want to keep fish in your house? Those colorful and fascinating beings do look magnificent and increase the aesthetic ...

5 Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps Reviewed

We all want to keep our aquariums healthy and thriving. Still, this might not be easy to do on your own. You can change your aquarium water yourself and add supplements to your tank to fit its specific needs. However, you might not be putting in the exact amount of tank additives required. ...