Neon Tetra and Shrimp – Will They Get Along?

When adding shrimp to a tank, you want to make sure that you're putting the right kind of fish in your aquarium. Some fish breeds can end up harming or even eating your shrimp if they are aggressive. Not all fish will do this though. In fact, there are many types of small and large fish that ...

Can Betta And Mollies Live Together?

If you want to know a concise answer to the question, sorry to disappoint you, but there's none. Some say that Betta and Mollies can stay together in harmony while others disagree! What are their individual reasons and evidence? Let's discuss it! It's genuinely every fish owner's dream ...

Can Neon Tetra and Goldfish Live Together?

Fish tanks can be filled in a number of ways. You can keep a single species in your tank, or put in multiple breeds to diversify your aquarium water. All kinds of fish combinations can be created in your home. Still, you want to consider which fish breeds are right for your tank. Fish need to ...

Can You Keep Angelfish And Neon Tetra Together?

Aquariums can prove to be one of the most aesthetic additions to your home. But, what's the point of having a fish tank without unique and beautiful fish in it? So, what type of fish are you planning to keep in your fish tank? If you want magnificent colors and astonishing natural beauty, ...

Angelfish And Gouramis – Friend Or Foe?

Angelfish and gouramis are two of the most popular, well-loved, and beautiful fish species to keep in aquariums. They're stunning in every way, and every fish lover who's ever had them loves them to bits. Angelfish have a unique body shape- they're unusually angular. In contrast, gouramis are ...

6 Best Substrates For Shrimps In 2023

You can put all kinds of aquatic pets into your tank. However, a pet shrimp is a great choice for your aquarium. They require less care than fish and take up less room in tanks. So, you can fill your water with many of these energetic pets. Still, you want to create the best environment for ...

4 Best Driftwoods For Plecos Reviewed

No doubt, Plecos bring a lot of colors to your fish tank, but they do require certain decorations as well. So, what to have in your tank for your Plecostomus? While finding the answer to this question, the most common solution would state that driftwood can be the best thing to go for. ...

5 Best Glofish Tanks in 2023 Reviewed

Glofish are pretty similar to most other fish out there. The only real difference is the way they can light up in your tank. Still, this will only happen under certain conditions. First, you need a blue light so your fish become fluorescent. Next, your fish need to be in a darker tank and ...

4 Best Cheap Refugium Lights In 2023

Fish tank owners are generally aware of how important it is to filter out the tank's water. It is the main secret behind an efficient tank setup. Apart from the filters, a refugium helps make the filtration process more efficient than ever. However, the goal of a refugium is not only limited ...

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